The factory specializes in the design, manufacture and grinding of tungsten steel tools. The company has advanced production and testing equipment, using imported and domestic high-quality ultra-fine tungsten steel materials to provide customers with efficient and cost-effective tungsten steel tool products. Mainly include: JFI brand ultra-fine monolithic tungsten steel drill bits, milling cutters, reamers, boring tools, hole machining tools, PCD cutters, high-end precision knives for precision machinery manufacturing such as aviation, military, automobile, motorcycle engines, pistons, etc. Design and manufacture a variety of complex non-standard tools for users.

In the precision non-standard tool market, professional engineers provide efficient tool solutions; the factory uses the advantages of localized production to quickly supply, our company’s non-standard tool delivery period generally only takes 1 week, high quality and short The delivery period is JFI’s weapon in the non-standard tool market to beat other peers. We warmly welcome customers to cooperate!